One Held for Hilarious Cheating Prank in The Goan EveryDay

    One Held for Hilarious Cheating Prank in The Goan EveryDay

    Pranks and practical jokes have been a source of entertainment and amusement for people of all ages. While many pranks are light-hearted and innocent, some can be quite elaborate and even mischievous, creating moments of laughter and surprise. In a recent incident reported by The Goan EveryDay, one individual was taken into custody for orchestrating a humorous cheating prank that left many amused.

    The Cheating Prank

    The incident occurred in a local college in Goa, where students were busy preparing for their upcoming examinations. During a particularly intense study session, a student who goes by the name of Rohit decided to lighten the atmosphere with a playful and well-thought-out prank.

    Rohit’s plan involved sneaking into the examination hall a day before the scheduled test. Armed with a set of realistic-looking fake question papers, he surreptitiously replaced the genuine exam papers with his counterfeits. The fake papers were expertly designed to appear legitimate, complete with intricate details such as official logos, watermarks, and even holograms.

    The following day, as students began to take their seats for the exam, they were utterly bewildered when they received the phony question papers. The initial reaction was a mixture of shock, confusion, and disbelief. The fake questions were completely unrelated to the course material, containing bizarre and absurd queries that left students in stitches.

    Instead of traditional exam questions, students were asked to solve conundrums like, “If a kangaroo and a giraffe had a race, who would win?” and “Calculate the weight of a cloud.” Rohit’s ingenious prank had turned the typically nerve-wracking atmosphere of an exam hall into one of uncontrollable laughter.

    Resolution and Consequences

    As the news of the hilarious prank spread, college staff and officials were alerted to the situation. While they recognized the humor in the prank, they also acknowledged the need to uphold the integrity of the examination process. To ensure that students were not unduly affected, the college decided to void the examination and reschedule it for a later date with genuine question papers.

    Rohit’s escapade eventually came to the attention of the local authorities. After an initial investigation, he was taken into custody and questioned about his well-executed prank. The police found no malicious intent behind his actions and released him with a warning, emphasizing the importance of responsible humor.


    The incident serves as a reminder that while pranks can be amusing and entertaining, they should always be conducted in a spirit of good-natured fun and without causing harm or disruption. In this case, Rohit’s humorous cheating prank became a legendary tale among the students, providing a welcome break from the stress of exams and bringing smiles to many faces.

    In conclusion, Rohit’s witty and light-hearted approach to an exam prank succeeded in delivering laughter and joy to his fellow students, showcasing the power of humor in even the most serious of situations. While the prank may have disrupted the examination process temporarily, it left behind a memorable and positive experience for everyone involved.



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